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Based in Hollywood, FL, John Gillet and his team have been successfully assisting clients in securing their financial future for over 15 years. At Gillet Agency, their services are set apart by their commitment to provide transparent communication, high quality services, and personal solutions that reach outside the standard.

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John Gillet

President & CEO

For the past 15 years, John Gillet has been helping clients craft effective retirement and legacy plans. Driven by a sense of moral purpose, he strives to ensure his solutions will help clients leave a lasting inheritance for their loved ones and future generations. John leverages his expertise as a financial services specialist to find practical solutions for those seeking guidance in retirement, life insurance, estate planning, or business succession planning. He firmly believes that everyone should have access to the financial resources needed to face unexpected challenges.

Before building his business, John had a successful career as a mathematics teacher. He created specialized course curriculums for Financial Mathematics and Financial Literacy and taught high school and college-aged students Financial Planning Principles & Strategies. John believes financial literacy should start at a young age, and he stressed to his students the importance of securing their path to retirement, starting with their first job.

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